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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Case of the Ex

Kinda funny how, now you come around. What's the matter? Didnt she work out? There was me and you. Now it's someone new, If she's smart, she's gonna figure out. When she leaves you don't come crying to me. If it breaks your heart, Dont look for sympathy. Oh Mr, please understand. I might forgive but I can't forget, So when she's gone and you're lonely Don't come crying to me. Some people just never learn, Till the tables turn. What's the matter? Did she lead on you? Just like you did to me? I heard it before, But not anymore. You've been there. You've done it too many times. You never change It's always the same, and I'm really not suprised. Don't come crying when she walks away you know it's way too late. I don't wanna know, when you end up all alone just don't come crying to me.

- No Hugs and definitely No kisses. No none.

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