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Monday, January 4, 2010


I was going to 'wangsa walk' one evening to look for something when I bumped into Emma out front. I was alone and so was she. So, we stood up making small talk. At first, it was nothing much. Just the usual stuff you talk about when you bump into an old friends you haven't seen for awhile-like, whatever happened to so-and-so and stuff. But then, she begin to talk about 'well-you-know-who' . Err, let just say, a crush of mine who also used to be one of my not-so-close-friend before he had a 'girlfriend'. So I tell emma that we just talk about two or three weeks before. So here's the conversation between me and her.

Maisarah: You know what, I just talked to Adam three weeks ago, actually it wasnt a talk but still, he'd call me and we chat for awhile.

Emma: Weird, so tell me what he said. I expect full stories haaa. taknak cut cut. haha

Maisarah : Well emma, as usual we talk and talk ask about his girfriend and shit. As I talk and he answer my stupid ques, the conversation suddenly turned pretty deep and personal. He had a lot he wanted to talk about.

Emma : Deep and Personal?

Maisarah: Yeah

And here's emma looking at me questioningly.

Emma: Why would Adam talk to you about stuff like that? I never got the sense that you and he were particularly close after his girlfriend shows up in no where.

Maisarah: No. Obviously, we're not. I'm not even sure if he knew my full name.

Emma: Really?

Maisarah: Yeah, maybe. But that day he wanted somebody to talk with. Normally it would have been another girl. But, I don't know, maybe he doesnt have any girlfriends that he can open up to like that, So, he picked me instead. It just happened to be me. It could have been anybody.

Emma: Yeah. Still, why you? As far as i know Adam, he never had any trouble finding girlfriend that he can talk to, Duhh. Okay okay, I'm sure, you're right. But he happens to call you, somebody he doesnt know all that well, and suddently you guys gets involved in this deep, personal conversation. I wonder why?

Maisarah: I don't know. Maybe I seemed harmless to him

Emma: Harmless?

Maisarah: Yeah, like he could let himself open up to me this one time and not feel threatened.

Emma: I don't get it.

Maisarah: Well, maybe its.. This is gonna sound kinda weird, but people often think I'm easy to talk with. Like, on a parties or whatever, sometimes some random guy or girl - A total stranger - will hit on me. Anyway, my point is, It just that people always seem to pick me to tell their secrets to. Get it?

Emma: Ohhh. So now you're telling me you're good at keeping a secret? oh puh-lease.

Maisarah: HAHA :P:p

Emma: Like I'm gonna fall for that.

Maisarah: Foineeeeeeee. you're just jealous cause people actually trust me.

Emma: NOT.

Maisarah: Whateverr.

Emma: Do you think that maybe just maybe, well he's kinda like you?

Maisarah: What do you mean? Like, like? that kinda like?

Emma: Yeah.

Maisarah: I don't think so. He's hot, but most of the time his confused. I dont really like that. haha

Emma: pass it to me then, (winks)

Maisarah: Rightttttttttt. But he keeps telling me that he cant stand a World-Class-Bitch!

Emma: WTF$!#^%@#!&%

HAHA, and the conversations ends there. actually, emma is cursing my name as i remind her what kind of person she is. Haha. Poor emma.

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