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Monday, December 24, 2012

Sometimes you can't make it right when it is wrong

No matter how hard you try to.
Sometimes you just can't fix it
You try to, but you just freakin' can't
No matter how long or how many times you give it a try
Sometimes you feel like you can do it without any help
But you just can't
You can't accept that some things are not meant to be fixed
Sometimes it is just another lesson learned
Sometimes some things are out of your control to fix them
It's not easy to always keep things right doesnt it?
Thought so too
Well, can you really blame yourself?
Darling, don't
It's not your fault that things don't work your way
Sure you have plans
But I'm pretty sure God got it all planned out for you
Besides too much planning can lead to heartbreak.
Now Listen to this to cheer yourself up. Click and regret nothing 


  1. Wishing you a wonderful beginning into the new year!

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  3. oh nice post..really interesting :D
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