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Sunday, May 1, 2011

To Hanis aziz, the guy who changed my life ♥

Today is our 9th anniversary. Flashback 9 months ago, you took my heart, asked me to be yours. Since that time, I learn to love you. It’s been 9 months today, since we first met and you became my world. We’ve gone through so many ups and down; many arguments with each other, but still ended up back being stronger than before. And still end up being together. You honestly have made me truly happy. Though I may not say it, I can’t picture my life with anyone else. I picture every day of my life with you and only you. No matter how I may get mad at the smallest things, but I love you. I’m glad that you accept my flaws and imperfections. Though I must admit, it’s so rare…to find people who are willing to stay in your life even when they know all your flaws. But You're the one who stays when I'm ze most impossible girl to be with. I love how you always looking out for me. I also appreciate the fact that you take me places and do things for me that I never ask for it. You know me perfectly; you know when something is on my mind and try to make it better. But for the record, just don’t try to make it better too soon. Because those little fights may seem more than it seems. It is where we learn to let go of our ego. Most of all, that smoking thingy that became your habit,your piercing madness, and so much more that you're willing to stop just because I want you to. You’ve changed so much from how you used to be when we were first together pumpkin. I’m extremely happy that you put in that effort just for me, because you cared for me. And I know I’ve changed a lot for you too, because I know that you’re worth it and I love you :)

Thank you for loving me until today.
Thank you for 9 months of happiness.
Can’t imagine my life without you.


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