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Saturday, August 21, 2010

I CANT WAIT to shop-till-we-drop this end of month, seriously. Been saving A lot. And let me tell you baby It's gonna be Worth It. Tehee. There are so many things I wanna buy. I want dresses, I want jeans, I want shorts. I will buy heels, I will buy heels, I will buy heels. Trust me, three months from now, you’ll see me wearing heels everywhere. Hahaha. Uh uh uh! Cant wait for my hair to get growing longer. Please, baby please. I need long hair to fit with my heels. HAHA. That is so funny but Yeahh thats exactly what I want. I want those High Heels Boots the one Kendall Jenner's wear like most of the time. All are diff and with those killer legs, She looks hot. I want her legs and those Boots. But I'm not sure if they have those Boots here in Malaysia. Fuck it. Anyway, I want to go shopping continuously for 2 days. Can I? With My Girls of course. I'm sure they are super duper PRO in shopping-buying-choosing-judging stuffs for me (; I want a sneakers, I still missed one, dark blue and pink in color wasnt in my collection. So sad. Im so gonna haunt one for it. I want a purple on too.

Till then,
Best be off*

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