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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bestfriend all along (!)

I Johan,
He's as weird as i am. haha :)

we used to make fun of people that we dont like. We used to hang all day long till we decide that its about time to go home. I remember how you cry with me when my first boyfriend dump me. I remember how you curse him. I know that is what bestfriend for. I've got your back and you've got mine. Its like, im happy to find my other half. Your like a brotha, a friend that i can never find. I remember how we used to fight over ice-cream. And yes, Johan is very annoying. I used to fight with you all day long. I used to say 'im sick of you!' but just so you know. Just because i said im sick of you doesnt mean i dont like having you around. You love to tease me till i drop my jaw and almost cry. Haha so what are you waiting for??????????????? you've been busy with school's lately and i miss you. You call me too last night, we was on the phone for the longest time that night. I have so much to tell you. Come to Melawati one day and we share all the secrets. Bring your mom's Pecan Pie, cause you know i miss it! Hurry Johan, Im waiting. This time.. dont be late :)

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