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Monday, June 7, 2010

Sorry, but your gf is a bit of a bitch

I keep losing my shit like this. Life is full with Drama. I hate it when one of my bestfriend's girlfriend started to feel jealous when I'm hanging around with their boyfriend. I dont get it, why cant they just accept the fact that we are really really close. I hate it when she start to talk about me behide my back, It's like she's got him in some kind of perpetual mind fuck. Pointing out my every fault and talk to her boyfriend just to make sure he's not falling for me. Darn, relax girl. I'm not gonna steal him. And it hurts my feelings when you said ''get yourself a boyfriend, then you dont have to be lonely anymore. So in that way you'll leave my boyfriend alone'' . I was like 'whoaaa,' and i keep on thinking. Am i lonely? Is that why i keep on hanging around with all my guy bestfriend who happens to be someone else's boyfriend? I know i'm not lonely. It's awful! You know how i feel right? and it does hurt. I never told my bestfriend about this and he wonder why i walked away. But yeah, some of the things are better left unsaid. Let her be happy. Sometimes, Life is so mean. Hmm.

All right then bloggie , i'd better go.

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