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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Too many things happen in 1 time, and i'm too lazy to write em in detail. haha. Just let me make a quick update.

1. Help Mom
2. Help my brotha who is moving out.
3. Went for a movie with Hanis, watched 'Tekken' (It was awesomeeeee!)
4. I had a fever, major one

And before I went out with Hanis I was asking mom for permission, I'd say 'Mom I'm going out with Hanis for a movie. I probably be a bit late. Dont wait up for me, kay?
Mom was like so worried I can see it from her face and I was like 'Mom! dont worry! nothings going to happen. I'll be supercareful. I promise' Although now that I think about it, Jamie Lynn Spears probably told her mom the exact same thing Haha. But You know mom, I know my limit. Dont worry. Love yah :)

p/s: Ramadhan is just around the corner. Need to prepare everything. Amelia's gonna be back from Europe 2 weeks after Ramadhan. Till then, Best be off. xx

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