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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Okay here's the thing, do you have that 1 friend that you secretly hate? Do you?

How can you not know? I mean how can you not notice that everyone annoyed with your attitude. Your 'brand new' attitude. You've changed. Like a lot. I definitely understand how people change but the thing is you're so diff than ever. Yeah sure youre nice, And I'm the bad guy. I knowwww. Go ahead tell me I'm a bad friend cause spilled this things but you know what they always said 'bestfriend stab you in the front'. Stop messing with my head. I know youre hurt by all the things I've done and the things I've said. I know sarah, I just know. And I'm sorry for all those things. FYI, I read your 'New Blog' yeahh you are defintely talking about Me. Describe me as 'the girl next to me' Which is clearly its me. Heyy, You said you were sad that time. And you are frustrated with me cause I dont ask you whats wrong with you that day. There you make me look like imma bad-ass. Seriously lah, Every morning I heard your story, EVERY-SINGLE-DAY. And it happen to be that 1day I didnt ask whether you are okay or are you not then suddenly it turned out to be that im a bad friend? Please think twice, You said your the kind of person who doesnt like to spill anything if you pissed. Then why on earth did you wrote about me being such a bad friend? Sorry to say, but as you also know I'm the one who always have to hear your stories. I repeat.. ALWAYS. Get it? Let get this fact straight, Does Aida always hear your story? No. Does Sera always hear your story? No. Does Nami always hear your story? No. Does Amani always hear your story? Heck No. I'm the one who always have to hear your stories. Even when I'm copying the notes that the teachers gave us still you tell me your story while I'm copying notes. And one day just one particular day I didnt ask what's wrong with you and you said youre dissapointed with me? WHOTTHOHECK, just so you know, This world isnt always have to be about you Sarah. Do you ever Ask me about my story? Nahh Sarah, You dont. You never ask anything about me. You know that. Cause youre the one who always talk and I'm the one who Always have to hear. I'm writting this not to hurt your feelings, Just please remember. If I'm as bad as you think I am then you dont have to pretend to like me and talk with me as if there is nothing wrong. Dont get offended by this, But please do consider this as a advice cause I have feelings TOO and I do get offended when you said you are dissapointed in me. Try put yourself in my shoes, and got your bestfriend tells you that they are frustrated with your attitude. Try lah, You'll know how exactly it can make you feel. I don't hate you, xx

p/s: You pernah mengadu kat Nad jugak yg you dissapointed with me and Aida kan? Thanks awak.

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