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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

10 things in my mind right now

1. April's here. Wishing that it would bring me some luck. I might need most of it.
cause I'm standing between the line right now.

2. I'm not particularly excited about being 17. It’s just another year that has gone by.. and I'm getting older.

3. I’m all like obsessed with shoes. And my feet is too small.

4. I look smaller than everyone else. Girls by my age I mean.

5. The fact that I like someone.

6. I can learn and get my grade up and get smarter.

7. Those who talk about college. Whether it’s not getting into a college, what they plan to do in college. while I'm still here and can't decide anything yet.

8. I always cry at even the smallest thing.

9. What I've been doing all this time.

10. My heart. My heart. My heart.

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