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Saturday, May 14, 2011

My back is numb as fuck

Hey guys, I’ve been really busy since last week. I’ve been working like crazy and I have to complete the arts project. There's only 1month left. Yikes. And yes my back is numb as fuck. Other than that, I've spend a few days with Hanis. Geez. that boy just dont know how to miss me! Lol. Lately, I slept like the living dead. I swear, I fell asleep the moment I hit the bed. Haha I feel sorry for Hanis, because I've been so tired. But I guess he understands me well enough to know that I'm really sorry. Anyway, I wanted to go out but then Hanis wanna meet me up so we kinda spend a lil time together on the afternoon. Man, God knows how I miss that guy. Anyway, Meh revision is all I should be thinking about instead of desperate for a good night out! Got papers on wednesday! Best of luck ;)

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