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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Some friendships are so beyond me these days.

I look back and think to myself, were we ever really friends? What was I thinking? I mean you honestly hurt my feelings. I'm not playing innocent here but what did I do to you that makes you think that I deserve this hatred from you? I just can't accept it. It's too much. You know nothing, yet you choose to believe. I'm not mad though, It's your choice. And people are really starting to show their true colour’s to me lately, and that’s all good and fine until it hit the limit. I've been trying so hard to be a really good friend. And I'm blessed that I still have friends that I can really really trust. But right now I take it as it is. I mean at the same time when you're doing this to me it’s actually helping me determine who I need to make time for this year and who I need to toss aside. Because I've been nice for quite long now. And I just gotta do what's best for me. Toxic friends aren't needed in my life.

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