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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This is for you sistah :p

Is what I want to share about. Do you like to be nagging around? Do you?

For example, My bedroom is a mess. All my dirty clothes are everywhere. And then if mom finds out she will start to nag me. I keep on wondering if she nags me does that mean she cares? LOL. Sometimes, I like to borrow Amelia's clothes (my eldest sister) And she will nag me to clean it by myself without using the washing machine! I know right! That's crazy! But I kinda ignore her. She always be like ''it's better hand wash. so wash it yourself'' Urghh. She sure sounds like a drama queen to me. But no matter what I still seem to borrow her clothes though, Haha, She usually borrows my shirts too so I guess that's fair :p

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