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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Well well Johan, I know youre coming for me? Haha
i miss your stupid jokes and all. Sorry sorta dozzed off last night when you called. So sweet. Call me to make sure i go to bed. Who are you? My mother?! haha.

Its 9th June 2010 now. Do you remember the first time we met? Haha i know you wont forget. Neither do I. Can you remember how crazy and adorable you look when the first time we actually spend time together? On the first day, we act like we're know each other for ages! We're seem so fine together, well that's what I think. You've done the craziest thing ever that day. But you suprised me, maybe thats why i liked you. You've done something that i dont even expect. Wow Boy, you really amazed me. If this is you reading this, Dont flatter yourself alright dear? I know you all too well. Haha

Johan Ibrhm, Doesnt get it. Living with him is so much worse than i think :p

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