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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ha-Ha nis all the way down :p

I made this for you. Sorry if its cool sweets ;)

Things i ♥

1. I love this warm feeling and a smile that's hard to shake when I'm with you

2. I love when you kiss me when I cry

3. I love that we can be retarded together

4. I love the way you say ‘I love you’

5. I love how you tease me when I'm moody

6. I love those funny faces that you make

7. I love how you let me win

8. I love the way you honest when its so tempting to do a cover-up

9. I love how you treat me

10. I love the way you kiss my cheeks

11. I love the way you hug me when I refuse to hug you

12. I love how I fall in love with your favorite song

13. I love how you always wanted to spend more time with me

14. I love how you cover my head when we're walking in the rain

15. I love how you share everything with me

16. I love how you always always always ask about my day

17. I love how to tell me what scares you the most

18. I love how you always text me, every single day even when you don't have anything to say

19. I love how you always updated me about yourself

20. I love that you said there will be no lies between us

21. I love how you tell me about your past

22. I love the fact that I'm the first girl who you care about ze most

22. I love how you run your fingers through my hair

23. I love the fact that my eyes is your favorite part about me

24. I love the way you hold my face when I can't even watch your face in our argument

25. I love how we share our things

26. I love when we are on our silent mode. It isn't awkward at all.

27. I love the fact that you cant say R properly

28. I love the fact that you know me so well

29. I love the fact that you pay attention even to the smallest detail about myself

30. and most of all I love trying to get close in movie but we cant cause the stupid arm rest is in the way. 1st Aug 2010, I YOU TONS :)

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