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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bitch- Back! Only this time she's nicer.

I Love my life right now and couldn't ask for anything extra. I'm glad that god allowed me to open my eyes to many situations that had occur in my life so far. And gave me strength to get over it and forgive others for some of the things that they have did to me. But I also know that me hating them isn't going to get me anywhere in life. So I have to forgive and forget. But I also learn that God put people on my life for a reason. And now all I want is to be surround by positive people because I have goals set in my life. And I don't need anyone or anything to try to pull me away from that. I love each and everybody but if you see a change in me toward you..don't take it personal. It just means that I'm on some other shit and maybe you still on that page and I'm trying to be mature as to take the small thing past. I know I'm only a 16 year old school girl and Yes I have a lot more to learn. But right now all I know is I'm loving life for what it's worth.

Love, me
Still learning in life, xx

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