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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pissed Off

So, yesterday I went to Berjaya. With my two sisters. We plan to watch movie. But then We're so late and decided to change the plan. Since I didn't get to watch Harry Potter or Rapunzel. I shop. Yeah man, I shop. Man, It was quite a day. since I get what i want ;) Haha. So I spent around 200+ in Nichi. Man, I could spend more but I have to be patience since I gonna shop some more.
Oh ya, I totally get those cut off tops. Man, I'm in love with it! hehe. I'm thinking about buying some heels. But its kinda difficult right now, cause I'm not sure about heels at this point.

Back to my headline.
What I really wanna talk about is,
Just now I met a few of mom not-so-close friends at a open house. No offense mom But I honestly DON'T LIKE EM, AT ALL. Luckily, Mom doesn't get along with them too. I was fine until this one aunt come closer to me and said I look like a tree that needs more water. At first I was blur but then I started to get the picture. She said that because I'm too skinny. She wants me to eat some more and bla bla bla. I was so mad.. I don't feel like eating especially infront of her cause I dont have anything to prove to her that I do eat a lot. Ahh, I hate when people called me names. WFT man, You can't judge me just because I'm too skinny. Just stop it, seriously. At least I don't have problem with my overweight body or suffering from diet and all. I can be fat, Anytime I want. I just choose not to. I can eat as much as I want and still be skinny. And that is something you can Never Be. So shut up already. xx

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