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Monday, December 27, 2010

Nothing stays the same, but remember We are here,

Cant share much but there's something you should know..Hanis and Me are back together! haha I know right! This is like the FIRST TIME I EVER GAVE AN EX A SECOND CHANCE. No kidding. Not because I'm stupid enough. It just me and my alter ego. I've always love him. And since he was like really really wanna fix things up and all so I finally gave him second chance (it's not like he screwed up or something in the first place) Not just to him but to my heart too. Tehee. I love him and he never let me down. FORREAL. He's always there whenever or whereever I need him so yeah why not. Since we're so cute can't be apart for too long I decided to let him in again. Yay! hehe. I'm in a good mood ya know :D so cant share much. Sorreh but I have someone already to hear all my shits now. Plus I'm too lazy to share more. Bye. xx

p/s: next year trip my sister and me we're going to SANTORINI, GREECE! Damn, my fav place! Hope this time I get the chance to go. Really hope so because you know end of next year I would probably busy with SPM and PLKN. Shits. Just kill me already. Sigh.

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